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Though not a cause for concern, warts could feel irritating or make you feel embarrassed. At Associated Foot Specialists in Holden and Hudson, Massachusetts, skilled podiatrists Anthony Tickner, DPM, and Steven Quan, DPM, offer a variety of treatments to remove warts on your feet, ankles, or legs. Call the office to schedule wart removal, or book an appointment online today.

Warts Q & A

What are warts?

Warts are painless, flesh-colored growths caused by a virus. They can spread from person-to-person or from one area of your body to another when left untreated. Warts commonly appear on your fingers, toes, or feet and may cause irritation or embarrassment. Fortunately, experts at Associated Foot Specialists can quickly and easily remove warts.

What do warts look like?

Warts on your hands or feet often appear as:

  • Flesh-colored, pink, tan, or white growths
  • Small, grainy bumps
  • Bumps that feel rough when touched
  • Fleshy bumps containing clotted blood vessels

Warts can spread or get larger in size over time, if left untreated. Avoid touching or picking at warts to reduce your risk of warts spreading. 

What are the risk factors for warts?

Warts are common, as many people get them from time-to-time. Children and young adults usually develop warts more often than older adults. Your risk also increases if you have a weakened immune system. Walking barefoot in community areas, such as locker rooms, puts you at risk of getting warts on your feet or toes.

How does my podiatrist diagnose warts?

Your provider often diagnoses warts after visually inspecting them. Your specialist may also scrape off some of a wart or take a biopsy of it to detect or rule out other skin growths. After finding out more about the type of wart you have, Associated Foot Specialists determine which wart removal treatment is best for you.

How are warts removed?

There are a variety of ways your podiatrist can get rid of warts, including:


Cryotherapy is an excellent way to freeze warts to make them slough off after about a week.

Salicylic or trichloroacetic acid

Prescription-strength medications containing salicylic acid or trichloroacetic acid can remove a wart, layer by layer, until it’s completely gone.

Laser treatment 

Laser treatment is another highly effective wart-removal method that causes treated warts to fall off over time.

Minor surgery

Your podiatrist can numb the treatment area and cut out bothersome warts, eliminating them for good.

If you have warts that don’t go away with at-home treatments, schedule wart removal with Associated Foot Specialists by phone or online today.