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The Zebras: An Overview of Atypical Wounds

August 2021, Submitted for Publication

When Might One Increase Pressure Settings In NPWT?

Podiatry Today, June 2021

Addressing Compression Continuity, Consistency and Comfort Using a Dual Compression System

June 2020, Wound Management and Prevention

A dual compression system: preliminary clinical insights from the US

September 2021, Journal of Wound Care

Debunking Common Barriers Cited for Avoiding TCC Use.

November 2018, Podiatry Management

Total Contact Cast Use in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Case Series and Systematic Review

Nov 2018, WOUNDS

Systematic Review and Case Series examining the common myths associated with casting patients with PAD. Stretching the limits in regards to indications/contraindications.

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Beyond VIP: The Vipers Approach to Multi-disciplinary Team Management of the Diabetic Foot:

2021, Submitted for Publication

Management of Isolated Anterior Tibial Tendon Rupture: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis and Case Series

2016, Podiatry Management

TCC & DAMA in Obese Patients with Lymphedema-
How To Achieve Rapid Closure of a DFU

Dec 2016, Podiatry Management

Adjunctive wound healing success with total contact casting (TCC) and dehydrated amniotic allograft (DAMA) in the difficult to heal, multiple comorbidity patient

Apr 2016 Dermasciences

Unique healing of an obese lymphedema patient with total contact casting (TCC) and dehydrated amniotic membrane allograft (DAMA)

Apr 2016 Dermasciences

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Recent Lapiplasty at Saint Vincent Hospital

THEE Saint Vincent Hospital Another satisfied customer. Thank you, Steven Quan for the assist and Weldon Murry, Elizabeth Ansert, Samuel Gorelik, and the rest of the surgical residents and staff for always making our cases and patients lives easier.

Debunking Common Barriers Cited for Avoiding TCC Use

We are great at putting things on DFUs. Why are we so bad at taking the most critical thing off? Diabetic foot ulceration (DFU) is currently the leading cause of diabetes-related hospitalization and non-traumatic lower extremity amputation.

When Might One Increase Pressure Settings In NPWT?

Since the development and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) in 1995, it has been used in a wide range of wound types.1 Clinical applications have increased and undergone extensive study...